Big Letters

Big Letters: Advertising the Right Way

While many grammar Nazis might argue about the way advertisements are being done in major parts of Australia, there are people who consider an innate way of making people fall for their products by using the appropriate big letters to make their add more appealing. When it comes to making advertisement many experts have regarded to rely on your instincts because they have the power to affect our decisions since we mastered evolution through various means and conditions. A comprehensive research has shown how many add agencies compile up to lose around 200 million dollar every year just because of incorrect grammar.

While every English teacher teaches children to never use big letters with proper nouns because it’s the most criminal part done on the language and makes the sentence nothing but absurd, add companies have found a way to make it more legitimate by objectifying these big letters in large bill boards. Psychology explains the phenomenon of humans noticing things because of their appearance because we still have our inherited traits from prehistoric times. These instincts and signs that make us identify things because of their appearance are the prime reasons why taxis in many parts of the world are painted yellow because they stand out from the regular cars and strike immediate to the onlooker.

This very process is used by add makers in Australia by designing the entire add which looks virtually appearing and then using big letters to highlight a specific deal or in case of different products to show how the price range is lower than other rival products. These letters can also be used to show location of the shops, the time showing limited time offers or simple catch phrases such as the common phrase get it before its sold out, this makes people instantly notice the add and give the add their undivided attention thus making the business rise for different companies practicing this strategy and different add agencies as well.

No matter how un appealing many enthusiasts about grammar and the English language people find big letters to be used in adverts it will always be a steady strategy to attract more customers, to make adds stand out from the classified sections filled with millions of the same things. One can safely conclude how humans have reached rationality by finding loop holes in their own language to make it more attractive and imply this strategy not just to a restricted continent instead across the entire world.

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