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Check Out The Latest Pop Vinyl Figures From Comics N Pop

Do you just love the lead stars or heroes in the movies or comics or even in drama series that you can’t seem to get enough of them? If you are an avid fan of these things, for sure you will be delighted to know that there are now collectible pop vinyl figures available from Comics N Pop. This should be your chance to collect them all and become a number one fan! You will find everything you will possibly need from Disney characters, games, tv series and still a lot more.

Check out below the latest available pop vinyl figures from Comics N Pop:

1. Doctor Strange/Ancient One – it would be nice to have Strange’s mentor inn your room! This just costs $17.99.

2. Doctor Strange – it would be such an honour for sure if you will have the great defender of the world against evil guarding your room. This will be yours for only $17.99!

vinyl figure

3. Doctor Strange/Kaecilius – this is one of the characters in Doctor Strange and he is one of the Masters of Mystic Arts. You will be amazed with his eyes as they are designed with extra gloss and glitters! For only $17.99, you can have this as part of your collections.

4. Doctor Strange/Karl Mordo – this is another character of Doctor Strange. This represents a former student of Karl Mordo. This also costs $17.99.

5. POP! Rides Deadpool/Chimichanga Truck – You only need to pay $32.99 and you will already get the ride of merc. This includes the Chimichanga Truck!

6. Queen Alien – You will really feel the fear when this creepy figure will be in your room. But then again, this should be a good addition to your collection and this can be yours for only $28.99.

7. Colossal Titan – Are you one of the collectors of Attack on Titan Pop! Vinyl figures? If that is the case, this should be something you can add to them. You can have this for just $28.99.

8. Harry Potter/Rubeus Hagrid – check out Hogwarts gamekeeper as well as keeper of keys! Be sure to get this as this is only $28.99!

9. Alien Vinyl – for just $ 17.99, you should be able to increase your alien collections. You should not let this pass!

10. Ellen Ripley – this is high demand and now that it is available again, you should get yours right away for only $17.99!

11. Twisty – get this vinyl figure that is one of American Horror Story characters. This is just $17.99

12. Ash – are you one of the horror fans? Then get this vinyl figure for only $17.99.

13. Batman – yes, joker is here which is one of the characters in the popular series Batman. Get this for $21.99 only!

There are still a handful of Pop vinyl figures you can get from Comics N Pop! Just check them out and for sure you will be quite delighted that you will be able to add to your collections again!