Blinds and Curtains

Choosing between Blinds and Curtains

Windows are often big in terms of dimensions, that is a given, regardless if they are made in relation to building standards or not, often they will be made to feature the most to compliment the aesthetics of the house; may they be the windows in your living room, kitchen or your bedroom. Thus, choosing to add accent to it would be quite crucial, however the choices were simplified with window dressings, depending on preference and practicality, these options are between Blinds, curtains and shades.

window blinds

It is best that when choosing between window dressings for your house, to make a list of their advantages and disadvantages, just like any other choices or decisions you do, it will help you make the choice faster.

Window Blinds come in a wide range of designs, styles, colors, patterns and sizes. Apart from the said aspects, such also can be bought in different types such as Venetian, Roller, Vertical and Horizontal Blinds. Such are manufactured from those ones that you will see in shelves that are in DIY centers, depot and warehouses.

There are the standard ones having a simple design, different colors, often solid colors and standard in sizes. Or they can be ordered in custom sizes for those clients that demands sizes that are far from industry standard sizes of windows.

Apart from aesthetics, window blinds are also the best solution for privacy purposes, may they be Venetian, vertical, horizontal, roller or blackout Blinds, as it can shut the entire window, and they are made to flush fit windows, reason they are referred to as Blinds. Order it from blinds.

The only drawbacks for Blinds are the fact that they can be costly, especially those that are custom made, those that has the luxurious and cozy touch, and with such designs goes the difficulty in cleaning and maintain since it is a given that these things cannot be placed inside a washing machine for easy cleaning.

Curtains on the other hand, although these have been known to have been used since the era of the early kingdoms; they are usually bulky and heavy, and they are a naturally susceptible to dust and dirt; given that curtains are made of fabric, that is a given, animal hair sticks to it, so goes with insects and the likes; apart from air alone brings dirt together with the moisture that usually leaves your curtain dirty. And there are very few curtains that can flush fit windows.