Computer Repairs

Computer Repairs After Warranties

People who own any machine should have the resources to get it repaired also. While buying a PC, the buyer has to be thorough with the computer repair provisions that are covered by the warranty, the duration of the warranty, and about how and to what extent warranties can be extended.

Whatever claims the seller may make the computer repairs covered by the warranty, the buyer should read each and every line of the printed agreement, and counter check the provisions to get an idea of the actual help he would be getting when the machine needs repairs and the speed with which he would be getting it.

Warranties that cover the computer repair needs of the machine may be onsite warranties, C&R warranties, or RTB warranties. With an onsite warranty, the computer technician will come to the place of the warranty holder, and attend to the necessary PC repairs within the stipulated time specified in the warranty.

In the case Carriage and Return warranty, the PC in question will be taken to the warranty provider’s base and repaired and returned to the user. The transportation of the machine to and back from the computer repair center will be taken care of by the company that provides the warranty. While it may not be as convenient as an onsite warranty, expense-wise, the user’s position will be more or less the same as that of getting onsite help.

With an RTB warranty, which is an acronym for Return to Base, the machine is taken to the service center and repaired there. While the necessary PC repairs will be taken care of, the warranty holder will have to pay for the expenses of taking the computer to the service center. The provisions of an RTB warranty may vary with different companies. Sometimes the computer owner will have to pay for the transportation of the machine both ways. In other cases, he might have to pay for the expenses only one way. Charges for returning the machine will be met with the warranty provider, or sometimes they may even pay for the expenses both ways.

Needless to say, onsite warranties are the best for computer repairs as far as the computer owner is concerned. The only problem here is that there could sometimes be delays in getting the computer technician to come to the place where the computer is located, especially when that place is a bit far away from the service center.

Besides these warranties, there could be mixed warranties that take care of computer repair requirements. Some companies give a three-year warranty, which will be onsite for the first year but will be RTB for the next two years. And after the initial warranty period is over, the customer may be given the choice of opting for an extended warranty at the payment of an additional cost.

And once the warranty offered by the manufacturing company is over, Sydney computer repair is easily accessible and will take care of all your computer repair requirements.