Carpet Cleaning

Different Methods of Carpet Cleaning

A carpet may be a high maintenance item but its merit as a flooring material is not a joke.  When it comes to keeping a quality indoor façade, a carpet is a must. The importance of a carpet is not only limited to a few qualities but to a variety. It loses its value if it’s not well taken care of.  Like any other material no matter how expensive it is, it undergoes the wear and tear process. Time is the only thing that differs between low quality and high quality materials. From time to time, intentional or unintentional, spills, and other foreign dirt come in contact with the carpet.

Carpet cleaning is a tiring activity especially if carpets aren’t cleaned right after contaminants get in contact. Grease, pet dander, soil are just few of the most common contaminants that are not easy to get rid of. There are many ways on how to clean a carpet, some of this ways may not be applicable to all of the contaminants but they can at least do something about it. Just remember that when cleaning a carpet, always protect your furniture and allot a wide space for clean up. If it’s possible, take out the furniture first before starting.

So here are some of the ways of carpet cleaning.

Vacuuming: to all homeowners especially the female, vacuum may the most common carpet cleaning equipment use. A vacuum cleaner is only applicable if you want to get rid of pet dander, soils or dirt. When it comes to spot or stain, a vacuum may not be suitable. This type of equipment is very handy and easy to manipulate making it the most universal carpet cleaner.

Water extraction method: this type of method works by injecting a solution into the carpet and then pulling the accumulated dirt solution into the machine. This equipment is beneficial especially if you want a thoroughly clean, dirt free carpet. The only thing to remember is to control the wetness of the carpet.  Too much is not good as it can destroy the carpet and lower its physical value. A carpet needs to be dry and over wetting is not a good sign, molds and bacteria can easily thrive in.

Dry extraction method: this method is highly recommendable but the cost of doing this is too high. The machine and chemical can really cost you a lot. It works by spreading a dry absorbent onto the carpet then vacuuming it afterwards.

Professional cleaning: though this method might hurt your budget for a while, it’s the most cost effective way. Carpet cleaning professionals are skilled individuals knowledgeable on how to properly handle carpet cleaning. They know the dos and don’ts of carpet cleaning. They may cost much but their work is very worthy.

Carpets are investments that need to be protected. They are lavish items that are valuable for anyone’s time and effort. Plus, there are lots of advantages in placing a carpet in your household. So, clean it regularly.

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