Roofing Materials

Different Roofing Materials

Different homes in Australia have different roofing materials. The type determines whether roof restorations will be taken and what procedure to be adopted. The common roofing materials are: concrete tiles, terracotta tiles, wood shakes and shingles, and asphalt shingles. For homes with concrete tile roofs, all considerations must be weighed to conclude whether they are to be repaired, replaced or cleaned. Nevertheless, these materials do wear out over time. As time passes by, concrete tiles fade and become old and make it look mismatched. This will imply that the tiles need some restoration.

Some homes in Australia have terracotta tiles on their roofs. These tiles have a vitrified body makes them impervious to water and airborne pollutants, and are able to withstand the scorching sun of Australia without necessarily breaking them. Moreover, they have a good thermal performance needed to keep the homes within achieve a comfortable temperature. Often these tiles are affected by moss that degrades them by inhibiting water flow that can ultimately affect the gutter system. Roof restorations of homes with these tiles resembles that of the concrete cleaning. However, a proper application anti-fungal solution is required before the commencement of the cleaning process to get rid of the moss and lichen.

Wood shakes and shingles provide homeowners in Australia with a peculiar appearance and beauty. Moreover, they provide some strength and durability to the roof, but after some few years’ exposure to the element of weather. Hence, home owners who notice that their houses are losing shakes or shingles, there is enough reason to contemplate roof restoration service. The condition of a roof certainly provides a lasting effect on house appearance and as it becomes older, it gets difficult to repair. Thus, determining the age of the roof is a sure way of ascertaining the need for a restoration. Generally, by convention, 20 years for roofs with shingles and 25 years for those with shakes are allowed.

For homes with asphalt shingles, wear and tear is common after close to 20 years. It is noteworthy that most Australian homes, between 80-85%, have their roofs made of these material largely due to their durability and affordability. Most of these shingles get destroyed through damage and growth of Algae. Notably, the hot and humid climate of Perth provides an ideal breeding environment for the growth of algae. The roof restorations to be undertaken in these home will be more or less the same as those of the concrete tiles. Some asphalt manufacturers actually have included certain compounds that inhibit the growth of algae.

Home owners tend to purchase long lasting and high quality materials to avoid the necessary replacement but because of natural circumstances it can not be avoided. The roof restoration Brisbane provide a reliable service.