Dos And Don’ts in Performing Car Wash At Home

Aside from keeping a showroom shine look, washing your car regularly will get rid of road grime, and other contaminants such as dust, dirt, and salt that can stick to its finish. Cleaning your car regularly will prolong its lifespan and prevents you from unwanted costly repair jobs.

But if not done well, washing your vehicle can also cost you a huge amount of money. Residues from soap and other chemicals can cause damage. At some point, we can say that leaving a car dirty is better than washing it without recklessly.

So what then is the right procedure in cleaning your car? Here is our advice:

Do remove grime and caked mud before washing

Before starting your car wash using soap and water, expert vehicle detailers recommend using snow foam or traffic foam remover to remove soil and dirt. Otherwise, you can create paint swirls and scratches that can damage your car’s paintwork.

Do use a blow dryer

It is a good practice to use a blow dryer after rinsing your car. Do not follow other people’s habit of driving their car to dry it off. This can lead to sticky brakes and water pools in seals and gaps that can create streaks on the paint once they are drained.

Car Wash

Do give extra care to your wheels

Be mindful of what materials your wheels are made of. Strong chemicals can stain some metals like aluminium permanently. Also, make sure that the wheel cleaner that you use is safe for your wheel type and design.

Don’t clean on direct sunlight

Extreme heat from the sun can affect the strength and composition of the chemicals you are using. The ideal place for a car wash is a shaded area. If you choose to wash in open air, you can do it in the early morning or late afternoon. Also, do not clean your car after a long ride, as it is too hot.

Don’t use silicone-based sprays on your car’s interior

This type of spray can give your dashboard a shiny finish, which can result in reflections and glare. Use cleaners specially made for dashboards and upholstery instead.

Washing your car weekly is one of your responsibility as a car owner. But to make sure your vehicle gets the grooming it needs, you need to set a regular appointment (at least once a month) with car wash Brisbane. This specialist has the professional tools to give your car the look and maintenance it deserves.