Industrial Deafness

Earn Your Right To Work Safely

Work place safety is one of the primary concerns of the Australian government. The Australian Safety and Compensation Council fights on behalf of every worker who is entitled to have a safe work place. Prolonged hours of noise exposure without proper safety measures can lead to industrial deafness in the workers. Industrial deafness if acquired can be irreversible. Three industries which majorly contribute to industrial deafness are mining, transport and storage, and construction. If the worker becomes a victim of hearing loss due to his occupation, he has the right to claim industrial deafness compensation.

Sometimes the workers purposefully ignore the symptoms of hearing loss fearing the loss of employment and some workers will be ignorant about the legal side of the occupational hazard they face. In these cases, the dear and near ones of the workers should make them aware of their right and motivate them to claim industrial deafness compensation from the management of the company. If the workers are at risk of being subjected to noise above 80 dB then it is the duty of a responsible company to provide them with safety measures such as ear defenders or ear plugs. Failure in doing so and putting the health of the employees at risk is a serious offence from the part of the management of the concerned company and all legal measures possible should be taken to fight against this and claim industrial deafness compensation.

Industrial deafness can be caused by several years of exposure to loud noise in the workplace. The symptoms include confusion while having a conversation, increasing the volume of TV in order to hear properly, muffled hearing, etc. Permanent hearing damage can result from sudden loud noise. Hearing loss has serious impacts on the self-confidence levels of the person and can make him lead a depressed and isolated life due to this.

A successful claim for industrial deafness compensation requires the person to prove that he has been diagnosed with hearing loss and that the cause of it is the occupation he has been serving. There are many organizations and solicitors who can help you claim what is rightfully yours, free of cost. The physical damage and the resulting mental strain associated with hearing loss can be terrible and no excuse from the part of the employer can justify them for causing this to their employee. The employees should fight legally for the loss they have suffered and claim the compensation for treating their condition. A safe work place is the right of every employee.

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