Cleaning Business

Essential Equipment and Supplies to Buy when Starting a Cleaning Business

ncreased levels of pollution and industrialisation have made the cleaning business more profitable. The demand for cleaning services is constantly on the rise and if you have decided to set up your own cleaning business, you have chosen the correct time.

The first thing you have to decide is whether to open an independent shop or a franchise. Regardless of whatever option you choose, you will have to take care of certain things including cleaning equipment and supplies.

Licenses and certifications

Check with your local authorities about what kind of licenses you will need to legally run your own business. Many states require a DBA (doing business as) and a vendor license. Your local municipal authorities should be able to help you out on this. Otherwise you can search online for more information on procuring relevant licenses.

You will have to fill out certain forms and send/ mail it with your application fees. Before you register your business, remember to think up a great name for your services. After you get your DBA and license, you will be able to charge sales tax from your customers.

Essential supplies and goods

Commercial cleaning services will require higher volumes of cleaning supplies and agents as restrooms and office spaces are larger than normal residential houses. Business spaces also generate larger amounts of waste and need a regular cleaning schedule for maintenance. You will need to order large quantities of floor, window, tile and mirror cleaners. It’s difficult for a first time entrepreneur to decide on how much to keep in stock. Experience will teach you how to maintain optimum stock levels.

Cleaning equipment

Apart from standard cleaning equipment and supplies, you will need to invest in ladders, bucket holders and some vaccum cleaners. Equipment like vaccum cleaners will be expensive so see if you can get a bulk discount from your manufacturer.

Carpet cleaners and vaccum cleaners are essential items in the cleaning business as most clients who give you work will ask you to occasionally clean their upholstery and carpets. Click here. You need to know which kind of cleaning procedure and products will suit different kind of upholstery and furnishings. Enhance your knowledge by reading up on these topics before you start your own business.

Advertising and Promotional materials

If you are running a franchise, the mother brand will have a set marketing plan in place for promoting your outlet. In case of your own set up, you will have to think of advertising and marketing strategies yourself.

Pass out fliers to local businesses and homes with advertisements of your business. Placing advertisement in local newspapers and magazines is also a good idea. Be innovative in your approach and try to gain maximum clients from referrals.