Blue Rock Subic Beach Resort

What to Expect in Blue Rock Subic Beach Resort

Blue Rock Subic Beach Resort is a great venue if you’re looking for a fun, activity-filled getaway. Their location in Baloy Baretto, Olongapo is three hours away from Manila, making an accessible option for weekend warriors. The hotel has 39 luxurious rooms, equipped with air conditioners, private bathrooms (inclusive of hot and cold showers, a bidet and basic toiletries) and more.

Floating Bar

If you’re someone who likes to enjoy the nightlife, you’ll have a ball at Blue Rock Subic Beach Resort’s floating bar. They have a variety of cocktails to choose from, all made in-house. They also have a good variety of imported and local beers. You can have a drink or two whilst enjoying the ambiance and the cool sea breeze.

Sumptuous Food

Blue Rock Subic Beach Resort boasts of a restaurant with a wide variety of food. Chances are, if you’re craving for something, they’ll have it. Here are a few of their bestsellers:

  • Hawaiian Toast – If you’ve never had Hawaiian Toast, you’re in for a treat. Two slices of toast are topped with grilled smoked ham, melted cheese and pineapple.
  • Spaghetti Cortoccio – This pasta dish blends fresh seafood with garlic-infused olive oil. All their pasta dishes come with a slice of garlic bread.
  • Jumbo Rump Steak – This is a grilled specialty you can’t miss. It’s a thick, juicy, perfectly seasoned cut of steak, cooked to your desired temperature. All of their beef comes from Australia, so you can be sure of the quality. It also comes with a potato dish of your choosing, along with vegetables or salad.

Water Sports

If you’re more of an adventurous soul, you can enjoy motorsports at the Blue Rock Subic Beach Resort. They offer both motorised and non-motorised varieties. You can water ski at the vast beaches. All their activities are inclusive of the life vest rental.

If you want to know more about activities you can do in Subic, visit today.