Pest Control

Guidelines on Pest Control

Are you annoyed of those nasty little buggers living freely with you without your consent and also damaging your properties and endangering your health? Pests can be very dangerous to have in the house because they might be carrying diseases and putting everyone’s health at risk. Also, they are costly to live with because they are damaging properties and feeding on it. These properties may no longer serve its purpose and so you just have to replace it, you will spend some money on something that you had nothing to do about because these pests have destroyed it. And so, for you to prevent or eliminate them from your house, you should immediately take some actions.

Here are some pest control tips that you can follow.

1. Use borax and sugar to prevent ants from entering your home.

Are you tired of having those ants swooping in your kitchen looking for some sweet treats that you have saved for yourself? White ants can really be annoying since they are just anywhere. You try so hard to store your foods in a safe place but these ants have just a way of knowing where these foods are and so, they should be eliminated immediately. For you to be able to do this, all you have to do is to mix sugar and borax. This mixture should be sprinkled around your house to make sure that these ants can no longer enter your house because they are dead. The sugar, which is the sweet treat that they have been aiming all along, will attract them but the borax in the mixture will kill them because it will poison them. Viola! Problem solved!


2. Kill those cockroaches as well.

Borax can really be a powerful element that can be used to kill these pests that are living inside our house. If you have a cockroach problem in your house, then, you should sprinkle borax in your kitchen where they mostly go around and also do the same on your bathroom cabinets because this is also one place where they usually stay. This borax will kill them, just like how it did to the ants. Just make sure that you do not put borax anywhere near the play area of your children and your pet because this is dangerous and is also poisonous to animals and humans. The commercial pest control Perth should be hire to eliminate all these pests in your home.

3. Get rid of those annoying fleas.

If you have pets in your home and you have noticed that there are also fleas in your home, then you should eliminate these fleas immediately because it is just disgusting to have these blood suckers around. You should bring your pets to a pet grooming place where their fleas could be taken care and removed at once so that it will no longer scatter in the house. And also, vacuum all the rugs in your house where your pets usually sit on or lie down. Vacuum it really well before you spray it with a flea repellant. This will ensure that these fleas are completely eliminated and your house is now flea-free.