Antenna Installation

How Antenna Installation is Done

Antenna installation may sound easy but if it is positioned incorrectly, chances are the antenna will find it difficult to capture a signal and won’t be able to produce anything properly on the medium it supplies such a television. Here are the usual steps taken in order to successfully install an antenna.

Identify the antenna that is appropriate for use

The first step taken prior to antenna installation in a home or office is to know what type of antenna should be used. There are two types of antennas, namely an indoor and outdoor antenna. These antennas have each advantages and disadvantages. The classic outdoor antenna for example, is capable of receiving signals in any direction but can possibly attract lightning during storms in which installations have to be done by a professional. On the other hand, an indoor antenna is very easy to install but may have problems in terms of receiving signals as there is a possibility of interference due to physical objects such as walls. The type of antenna which has to be installed has to be properly deliberated to suit the specific needs of the user.

antennaPreparation of the materials and equipment

Once the type of antenna design for appropriate for use has already been identified, it is time to prepare the materials in order to get the antenna installation started. Indoor antennas usually come in a boxed set complete with everything from the antenna right down to the set of instructions. The outdoor antenna however, needs more tools and equipment as it requires more attention. Outdoor antennas also come in a set just like the indoor antenna which includes transformers ranging from 75 to 300 ohms and a mounting kit and cables. Some items that may not be included in the kit are grounding blocks, digital converters and splitters. The tools usually needed are drills and wood screws to help secure the mounting.

Any problem with your electricity can be solved by a professional electrician.

The installation proper

Antenna installation begins with setting up the antenna with the transformer and its cables. The next step that should be taken is to find a suitable location for the antenna to be set-up. This place has to be well away from trees or electrical wires to avoid possible accidents. It should then be held onto place in that specific location using the mounting kit. Finally the cable, usually in the form of a coaxial cable, should be connected to the grounding block unless otherwise if it is stated in the set of instructions provided and this should be ready for use. If you think there is something wrong with your antenna installation, retrace your steps and troubleshoot which ever part was done wrong. Otherwise, it is a wise option to call the professional digital tv antennas to smoothen out the installation process.