T-shirt printing machines

How are custom t shirts made through T-shirt printing machines?

T-shirts with regular designs and monotonous colours are no longer a style statement. Everyone especially teenagers are refraining themselves from considering such options because they do not want to look old-fashioned. Fortunately, t-shirt printing companies realized the urge and offer their customers with the slogan “design your own t-shirt”. This enables the customer to completely derive a fashion of his/her own without much effort. However, there are various printing types for user’s convenience. Therefore, it is advisable to know how custom t-shirts are printable.

Types of T-shirt printing machines

These machines offer myriad forms of printing which are dependent upon the method and function employed.

Direct to garment printing – This type of printing is only suitable for minimum production and is not cost effective. Nonetheless, the color options are extensive the reason being its similarity to a regular printer with multiple ink availabilities. These machines are not dependable when bulk orders are in mind, and can malfunction regularly due to the extensive instructions given.

Sublimation printing or heat transfer printing – This type has the advantage of printing all over the garment without any blemish. In addition, this deals effectively with minutest details making it very dependable over small batches. However, the cost per print is high and no discounts can be availed for bulk orders. In this method, the design is impregnated over a special sheet which in turn transfers the image onto the fabric. Through the application of heat a unison of design and fabric is achieved which makes it durable over long periods of time.

Screen printing – This type is reliable yet arduous as it consumes time and effort. However, the results are beyond expectation and the printing is not limited to the front square and a full garment print can be achieved through variant types. Furthermore, this is the most common technique for mass production. There are three types of screen printing machines namely, belt printing machines, all-over printing machines, and cylinder printing machines. Once the instruction of the design is given these t-shirt printing machines allow ink to settle on the material accordingly without any error or miscalculation.

Best printing machine for custom t-shirts

The choice of the enthusiast has to depend upon the necessity and availability. Screen printing is the most versatile option as it offers all the functions of other t-shirt printing machines. Moreover, most printing companies maintain screen printing for swift production of the design. If you are willing to have own design on your t-shirt make sure to understand your requirement and consult the relevant companies for further knowledge. These companies always offer a helping hand and provide with all the necessary information to enable user friendly environment. So, with their assistance design your dreams on you t-shirt and let everyone know about your intense thoughts.

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