How Does Polished Concrete Compare?

Polished concrete floors allow you the opportunity to become the proud owner of a wonderful, strong, long lasting, durable floor finish that truly has a classy visual effect.

Many other popular floor coatings such as ceramic tiles, carpets, vinyl floors and wood laminate floors all offer a wide variety of designs and colors. Polished concrete on the other hand has seemingly endless available options.

The durability of polished concrete floors is phenomenal and the polishing process used produces an extremely abrasive resistant. If this surface is treated and cared for in the correct manner, it could last a lifetime without needing very much maintenance. The other flooring options of carpets, ceramic tiles and even vinyl tiles all deteriorate due to wear and tear and all eventually need replacing. Polished concrete seldom needs any replacing.


Polished concrete floors are easily cleaned by sweeping any excess dust and dirt away and mopping with water and a simple cleaning solution. There is no additional waxing or polishing required to keep these floors shiny and new. Polished concrete floors are scuff and mark resistant which helps with the durability as wear and tear does not happen quickly or easily. Polished concrete floors seem like the only logical choice when you compare the cleaning and maintenance to that needed for carpet floor finishes. Carpets require regular cleaning by means of vacuuming and regular deep cleaning by professional carpet cleaners.

Mold, allergens and mildew are not an issue with polished concrete flooring as there is no place for these allergens to settle or gather and any surface dust is easily cleaned away. Wooden laminate flooring and carpets are floor covering that attract mold, mildew and allergens. See polished concrete floor coverings Melbourne

There are a few flooring options that offer the convenience and ease of mid to low maintenance performed on a regular basis, polished concrete offers an almost maintenance free option. Low maintenance makes these floors perfect for any application and any business or home. Carpets are extremely high maintenance and require regular physical washing and vacuuming to keep them looking decent and to prevent allergens, germs and mold developing into health risks.

Polished concrete offers the best when looking at durability, longevity, cost-effectiveness and maintenance. If you are not yet convinced that concrete can be so classy, simply pay a visit to a location that has these floors installed and believe me, you will have your mind made up in an instant.