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How to clean engineered timbered flooring correctly

In the recent years, almost every new building is using the engineered timbered flooring. The floor is made specially in order to make the wood breathe a bit. The breathing part is what helps the floor to expand and contract relatively based on the current environment. In the past, many people had to deal with the issue of wood being affected by humidity. This new type of flooring is here to eliminate all those worries. The engineered wood floors will last for many years given that the owner gives it a proper maintenance and cleaning. For professional service, you can check http://www.ancontimberflooring.com.au/.

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Sweeping regularly

It is advisable to sweep at least three times a week to remove all the dust from the engineered timbered flooring. Use a soft bristled broom or any dust mop for sweeping the floor. Sweeping is important as it helps to eliminate the light dust that when left to accumulate will lead to more destruction. The large dust deposits will scratch the floor finish when sweeping.

Perform heavy mopping

Sometimes things happen and doing light moping is not an option. This is when you have kids or acts of nature leaves the floor heavily soiled. For this, you need to roll up your sleeves and get ready for some hard work ahead. For clean floors, use a solution of vinegar and hot water thoroughly. The hot water is essential for loosening the soil and vinegar is the best-known cleansing agent.

Cleaning spills

Spills occur when you rarely expect them. Sometimes the kids might be trying to take something and they end up spilling it on the floor. You do not have to focus your energy shouting at the kid, but rather cleaning the mess. Just like any other wood floors, the engineered timbered flooring does not like moisture. If the spills are not cleaned fast enough, it is likely to leave some stain on the floor.

Clean the area rugs occasionally

The rugs are important when it comes to protecting the floor in high traffic areas. In such places, people are likely to be wearing the high heels that will leave damage to the floor. However, the area rugs tend to attract dust. It is advisable to regularly remove the rugs and clean them and the area they protect. Place mats on the floors that tend to extend outside the building.

Vacuum cleaning

Vacuum clean the floor once a week to help in removing the finer dust particles. If such dust is left unattended for a long time, it might lead to cracks in the engineered timbered flooring.