Aboriginal Art

How To Collect Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal art is a famous creation of Australian people. This is not a simple painting on paper. These paintings are created in many different ways sketches over sand, leaves, Wood and rock craving, sculpting, ceremonial cloth painting. Originally this art is linked with religious observance. People sell the art all over the world. Intellectual people or art lovers buy Aboriginal Art for their home interior. These paintings have created a craze on young people. These pictures are not very expensive. These arts are some small masterpieces to possess. You can get the art with around $240 to $500.

History of Aboriginal art

Aboriginal art is not a contemporary art. They borrowed the culture of Aboriginal art from the ancient era. This is one of the oldest art forms of the world. Basically, the art is rooted on dreaming and totems. Every painting has its own story. These paintings have a meaningful symbolic language.

There are many types of Aboriginal art to amaze our heart.

Painting on the rock

Charcoal painting on the rock is the oldest traditional painting of the World, which actually derived from Australian culture. In the Narwala Gabarnmang, rock shelter found the world’s oldest rock art which was drawn 28,000 years ago.

Engravings on the rock

Rock engravings a very famous art of Australia. We can found various types of rock art across Australia. Murujuga, rock engravings of Sidney, Panaramitte rock are the famous destination for rock Engraving. Murujuga rock art is known as world’s largest collection of Petroglyphs.

Symbolic Dot paintings

Some simple colorful dots can make a beautiful meaningful picture. This kind of paintings is made up of some small colorful dots. White symbolizes clouds and sky, brown symbolizes soil, red dessert sand and yellow represent the sun.

Painting of Bark

These kinds of paintings are made on a paper or sheet with tree bark. There are also more types of art like the landscape of Aerial Dessert ‘country’, Art with the stone arrangement, sculpture etc.

How to buy the art

• The buying process is very easy now with the internet. Online purchasing facility is providing by many galleries of Australia. They provide the return or exchange option too.
• The majority buyers are from Australia. But buyers from US and Asia can give competition to them. Buyers can order their product from direct gallery also.
• The auction is another process to buy Aboriginal art. You can buy the art from an auction house in Australia.
• You can buy Aboriginal art from dealers also.
• Many European Buyers shows their hearty interest towards the primitive art.

What actually need to consider when you buy the art

When you want to buy Aboriginal art, you need to gain a complete knowledge about aboriginal art. There are many fake sellers, at first you have to check the authenticity of art. You need to know the reliable source. This is a native Australian art and they keep the standard high. So a buyer should have aware about the standard of the art.

Aboriginal art has a beautiful history of the golden age; this history continues its journey from ancient age to modern age.