How to Make Use of Rubbish Waste

Garbage is an undesirable waste material. Every day we make tons of waste that contributes to the deterioration of environment if not segregated properly. Imagine how many mountains of trashes would be developed if 7, 000, 000, 000 people are creating hundreds of waste every day and we just store it in a certain area. Imagine what destruction it would do to our environment. There are numerous ways these 7 billion people could contribute in reducing the garbage they make−from the biggest movements such as leading advocacies in favour of helping Mother Earth to the smallest ones such as simply segregating your garbage properly in your home, school, or in the community. After all the benefits we gain from the Mother Earth, don’t you think it’s time to pay back to them?

On the other hand, not all people help the environment, for God knows what reasons it could be. There are still hardheaded people who lack discipline and simply don’t follow rules or aren’t as much concerned to the environmental status as those people who support movements for the environment. Even if there are garbage bins intended for the segregation of different types of trash, there are still people who don’t mind throwing trash everywhere. Thanks to the garbage collectors, the environment gets less dirty as they pick up the waste people throw everywhere.

Do you have wastes in your garbage bin that, in your opinion, could be used again?


Though large amounts of garbage may not seem useful, trashes like cans and plastic bottles can be reused. Since bottles would not decompose until after a hundred years, they can be reused in many ways. Here are six products you could create by reusing waste products:

1. Plastic bottle as no-sew pencil case

In this way, you don’t just help reduce the trash, you can also save money! Instead of buying a new pencil case, you can easily cut the plastic bottle into two and stick a zipper at the edges where it was cut so you could use it as a pen container.

2. Plastic bottles as alternative flower pot

Cut the bottle into two and use the bottom part and make it as your alternative flower pot or vase. You could also decorate it according to your style!

3. Plastic bottles as bottle bank

Instead of spending two dollars for a piggy bank, you can directly put it in a plastic bottle which now serves as your new bottle bank. Cut a hole in your bottle, just enough for coins to fit through, and decorate it depending on your taste.

And the list goes on! There are actually hundreds of ways you could reuse this commonly thrown garbage. With just a little brainstorming in your head, you could surely come up with an idea on how to make use of reusable garbage.