How to Spend Less Time and Money on Maintaining your Patio

The patio in your house is your private space. A retreat of sorts where you can slink away to, and have some ‘you’ time. But as lovely as the idea sounds, having a grandiose patio also means spending more time and money on decor and maintenance. So how does one create patios that are beautiful and dream-like without spending a whooping amount or a lot of time?

Think before you act

Should you have a small patio with just a couple of armchairs and a table, or go the whole hog and throw in a mini barbeque area as well? A lot would depend on the kind of budget you have, but just because you can afford it does not necessarily mean that you can keep it forever. So before you begin doing up your patio, be honest and ask yourself exactly how much time are you willing to spend to look after your patio? Yearly cleaning, paint jobs, repair and roof maintenance will not only cost you money, but you will also need to invest time and effort.



Choose your decor wisely

You do not have to go beyond budget to keep up with the Joneses –simple patios done up with love and a little innovation can do wonders to your home and your self esteem! Take the flooring of the patio for instance. The traditional idea of a patio includes timber flooring, and the best options for this are pinewood and cedar wood. But if you are living in cold or rainy areas, maintaining an outdoor patio made of wood can become troublesome unless you decide to have a roofing of some sort for protection against the elements. On the other hand, if you were to go with concrete floors, you would save yourself a lot of headaches because concrete floors are easy to use and clean and do really well in rainy ad cold areas.

Furnishing and accessories

You do not need to raid the leather store to come up with ideas for your patio furniture. Patios are outdoorsy spaces and close to nature, so go with the flow and buy stuff that makes the patio look and feel more natural. Keep an eye out for garage sales and frequent your neighbourhood flea market for bargains and great buys. Metal chairs, wicker chairs, and even handmade wood furniture looks great in a patio and you can do it up with comfortable pillows and quirky accessories to add to the look. The main thing is comfort and a homely feeling so go for these and forget the rest!

As when doing up the rest of your home, remember to keep it simple and tasteful when doing up patios, and the rewards will be a relaxing space that is an extension of your home, as well as your personality, and which doesn’t demand much upkeep either! A little innovation and the minimum effort – now who wouldn’t want to own a patio like that?

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