Patent Trademark Attorney

Importance of Patent Trademark Attorney

Before going over the importance of a patent trademark attorney, it is also important to define what patent is. Quoted from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a patent is protected by a trademark or a brand name to establish proprietary rights analogous to those conveyed by letters patent or a patent; for example: patent drugs. Patents are a private right given to the inventor by a country. This allows the inventor to own their invention and avoid duplications of his product. Even though his invention can easily be redistributed without permission, it will become illegal once the inventor made a patent. Stealing his invention or idea would guarantee justice upon the court as stated with the patent law. It pays to know all about the patent rules. A patent and trademark functions similarly as they offer protection for the inventors or owners of intellectual property. But the terms are different for its meaning since a patent is concerned of how the intellectual property of the owner is being made as commercial usage without the owner’s permission. On the other hand, a trademark is not concerned about how it is being commercially used by technology or people. Its only concern is to protect the name, logo, tagline or services to be distinguishable and unique from the competition. The difference of meaning is understandable but they come hand in hand in the field of intellectual property.


Legal professionals are ready to give advice to their clients for the protection of their property; they are called patent trademark attorney. They specialize in the field of trademark law and give legal advice on trademarks and designs. A patent attorney is involved with representing their clients in getting their patents done and so on but a patent trademark attorney is more focused on the trademark laws. They would overlap in their fields as having a patent usually has a package of having a name, logo or tagline- or for short a trademark. The trademark and copyright licensing field is not very complex as the patent field. This does not require a professional to have any technical background to work with the trademark laws.

It is very important to patent trademarks in a business or invention. A business must consider this carefully that patenting their trademark would make a difference of being staying in business or going out of business. That is a fine line to risk your trademark of being stolen by someone else in the business world. Patent trademark attorneys is a profession for a reason, they are there to protect the rights of the people and credit their trademarks as their own intellectual property. No one should steal or copy their ideas, products, inventions or trademarks because it is solely theirs to keep. There are other countries that it is fine to patent your own trademark but that is quite difficult and it might but your trademark at risks. The best course of action to take is to hire a professional to do the job.