Timber Floor

Importance of Timber Floor Removal

Have you ever tried Timber floor removal? Have you ever failed and got yourself hurt? No matter. Attempt again but in a better way and keep important thing in your mind.

Old timber floor boards are removed to put new floor boards while refurbishing or remodeling the house. Creaky, worn out timber boards can be bit annoying. Generally boards are lifted in old houses from time to time to make repairs to fix them firmly on the ground. Sometimes boards just get popped out owing to water damage. To lay down a completely new floor board the old and cracked ones are required to be removed. The Timber floor removal process is tedious and requires some skill set too. Let’s see some of the complexities in the process.


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Direct sick and plank on ply floor boards are the toughest ones to remove while there are several timber surfaces those require significantly less effort. Removal of timber floor board thus involves precision and care. Profit-making organizations who are into renovating business also find the removal of timber flooring something they prefer us to accept on their part. Well commercially it might be a huge business as of now. But if you are going to do it all by yourself then take some precautions and learn before acting on your floorboards.

Timber floor removal is risky thus it needs hell lot of care to be taken. For instance it requires kneeling down way too much so the best part is to wear Knee pads. Wearing hand gloves can be useful too as board removal might release splinters that can damage your hands.

The most general way to remove timber floor board is to start from one end using crowbar. Using a long crowbar to pry up a wood floor saves your back. Pry off the baseboard first to start with. If the boards are glued then boards will blemish and break and will probably have to chisel parts of some of them off the floor. But if they are nailed down then keep tapping off the nails with a hammer while removing each board.

One can simply use an iron rod sharpened at one end which is a great new tool for pulling up and removing timber floorboards and knock over, for home makeover or maintenance. This method uses much of energy but is an efficient way to lift off the floor, so you can remove multiple boards at once.

Carpets are not to be place on a wooden flooring. You will surely appreciate the beauty of the carpet if place on a concrete flooring instead.