Window Shutters

Interior and Exterior Window Shutters

It is estimated that more than 10,000 Americans use shutters in their homes for different purpose; to regulate heat and sunlight, for air ventilation and some use them for home decoration purposes and privacy. Some families like eco-friendly environment and go for wood shutters which brings a sense of style and enhance nature within their homes. They are also made horizontally and fixed with keenness to enhance strength and durability.

• Interior shutters

Most home owners install them for the purpose of light control and privacy. Remember that it can also be installed at the hospitals, hotels, offices among other places where it is required. They can either be composite or wooden. They are nearly the same but the synthetic materials which are made of bring out the difference between the two.
Composite types arewell known for their ability to resist fading and cannot break easily thus can be used in hot areas such as busy kitchens and steamy bathrooms. They offer a stylish way of covering your window at the same time enhancing sufficient light exposure and privacy. It is cheaper and more affordable than the wooden type and ideal for homes in high moisture environments.

Wooden types are made up of highest quality woods such as hard woods obtained from a sustainable ecofriendly mechanism. They are available in different colors, stains and paintings to suit your need and enhance fashion and style in your home interior. They are known for their insulating properties hence reduce your monthly bill on electricity. They are custom made to fit any window size, shape or style. They are easy to operate without electronic cards hence convenient to homes with children and pets.

• Exterior Shutters

They are normally used at the face of your house to enhance more light into the house, for privacy and sometimes to prevent unwanted debris into your house. They come in different styles and designs, so it’s up to you to decide which one you like or admire.

Louvered type is constructed with slats angled and overlapping together in a uniform way forming a frame made of wood. Choose a color that out stands that of the wall for a classy look. Board and batten shutters are curvy at the top or square. They are joined together with batterns constructed from individual boards. For curved windows, go for black curvy style and it should offer a dramatic contrast giving your window a fashionable and simplicity look. Other exterior window shutter types include raised panel, cut out, ranch and Cape Cod types.

Having known the interior and exterior shutters, you can now choose one according to your tastes and preferences. Visit the shop of shutters. It should add value to your home as it is still regarded as the most outstanding window covering choice throughout the entire century.