Know your Photo Booth Hire

Photo booths, nowadays, are essential for parties. They are instant mood lifters and they always make you look good with the peppy backgrounds and customized photos. With their rising popularity, photo booth hire establishments have also sprung up in large numbers. Photo booths are pretty simple to work with. There’s a background of the customer’s choice on one side and the camera and studio light on the other. The camera can also be placed on other places as per the demands of the customer.

The photo booth can be enclosed or open. Some photo booth hire firms prefer open photo booths as the enclosed ones are an inconvenience when it comes to transport and can only fit a limited number of guests. Enclosed photo booths are provided with curtains for a more private photo session experience. In an enclosed booth, the customer draws the curtains on entering, a countdown begins once the start button is pressed. At the end of the countdown, a series of photos ate taken automatically and the printed copies come out. The number of photos taken in each session and the number of printed copies vary with different custom packages. Open booths are, as the name suggests, open, i.e., without a curtain. The design layout and print patterns of the backgrounds in an open arena booth can be customized freely as there is no enclosed set up.

The camera has to support line view to enable the photo booth software to display on the screen what is being focussed by the camera. Most SLR cameras support line view. A camera which can switch to video recording mode from still photo mode is preferred for a photo booth offering the aforesaid facility. Most booths downsize the image before printing. Make sure the camera incorporates an AC power adapter as SLR cameras may burn batteries with constant use and be an inconvenience for a party that needs constant photo sessions. If the photo booth hire company offers video recording, the booth a constant source of light like an LED or compact fluorescents should be omnipresent in the booth. Booths with only still photo can use the built in camera flash, or an external studio flash for a much better picture quality. The external flash should also not be battery powered as that would require frequent charging. The camera and the external flash should be synced for a better result.

A compact, durable and fast printer should be chosen for the booth. A professional grade printer which are low cost and can run on a single roll of paper or ink ribbon for a longer span is the best choice for a photo booth hire company. The printer also needs to be connected to the computer like the camera. The computer also, should have a fast processor and a large amount of disc space as videos may take up a lot of space. Flat screen monitors can be chosen as they are cheap and cost effective. A more expensive option is a touch screen monitor. A software suiting these particular needs should be installed for flawless photo booth photos.