Lifestyle and Entertainment: Daiquiri Machine

The success of a party boils down to planning which for most individuals can be a difficult task. Being able to come up with a concept that is unique and hasn’t been tried by other individuals needs a lot of brain wracking. A great way to differentiate your party from others out there is by offering something exciting like perhaps a daiquiri machine. The daiquiri is a cocktail consisting of main ingredients like sugar or other sweeteners, citrus juice and rum. For most people, it is an easy drink to make but why stress yourself hiring a bartender that probably charges per hour and also works on tips or spending time making drinks yourself when it can be used to socialize with guests when the cheaper option of daiquiri machine hire exists.

Daiquiri machine hire Sydney can be said to be a new concept just making its way into parties thanks to the Italians innovation on what at his machine can do for party hosts. The daiquiri machine is not restricted to only making daiquiris but can also be employed in making slushie. The classic frozen slushie can be a party treat for young kids but for the adults, the daiquiri option exists. Any flavor of daiquiri can be made from strawberry to banana or even pineapple. All that is needed is the basic ingredient of water, rum and sweetener alongside the flavor chosen.

All guests in a party have to do when they require a refill is to walk over to the machine themselves and choose the preferred refill or ask a waiter for it. If the traditional method of making daiquiri is being stuck to, 1 to 1.5l of white rum should be poured in the machine, depending on how strong you want it. Within an hour the machine has turned the liquid into ice, and the alcohol has been mixed through the other ingredients. The daiquiri machine is pretty easy to use and on average addition of 1L of alcohol, will create one standard drink. Buttons or tags can be added on the machine to differentiate flavors and pulling the handle of the refill tips up a guest’s coup.

Daiquiri machine hire is gradually gaining popularity and including one in a party would be great as a means of entertainment as well as drink provider. The good thing about this is that the host of the party gets to fraternize with friends while the machine does all the work leaving not much to pick up after.