Why Locksmiths Discourage Adding Double-Sided Dead Bolt for the Exterior Doors to Houses

Should in case you are wondering how different a double sided dead bolt is from a normal one, while a normal dead bolt has a thumb turn on the inside and a keyed cylinder outside, a double-sided dead bolt is keyed on both sides. Double-sided dead bolt is regarded as the go-to security for a lot of homeowners who are worried that intruders might break the glass and reach to unlock the door from the inside.

Much as it looks appealing from a safety perspective for a security conscious individual to add double sided dead bolt (key on both sides) for the exterior doors to their houses, lockmiths Perth strongly advise against doing so, especially in homes with small children or one that welcomes guests quite often.

Concerns have been voiced by locksmiths explaining the chances of individuals panicking in an emergency and the chances of them being locked in in event of a fire incident. In homes where double sided dead bolts have already been added, experts advise that homeowners leave a key in the inner lock whenever someone is in the house. The idea is that when such is done, it effectively renders it similar to single sided dead bolt.

Locksmiths term most crimes as crimes of convenience, and as such, having just a single sided dead bolt is enough to dissuade intending burglars. It is also advised that home owners take locking knobs off of their houses in order to keep them from not making use of the dead bolt whenever they set out to leave the house.

With that in mind, installing a double-edged dead bolt could result in your violating laid down fire service codes considering the fact that there’s a chance you could lock yourself inside the home as noted above.

For individuals who are highly security conscious, locksmiths strongly suggest installing an alarm system over a double-sided dead bolt. This is because the most hardened and determined of criminals would not be deterred by double-sided dead bolts but are easily scared off by sounds, as they become concerned over how far the sound might have traveled. They argue that intending intruders could seek alternative ways such as the windows into the house, but an alarm system installed round the house will help keep homeowners alerted even while they are away from their homes.