Website Design

Making Website Design

What you see on websites, the different styles and text, the different layout of each window is what we called Web Design. Web designing is also one of the jobs that are highly paid while just sitting in front of the computer. Having no knowledge in making website design would be difficult since codes are included in designing a website and you can’t learn it in just a short period of time.

It takes many steps or process in order to achieve a perfect web design, the steps are defining, plan your project, thinking of possible designs, build templates, testing your design before launching it and lastly is launching your website.

1. Define

Before designing a website, you must know the purpose of the website, or what would be the content of the site that you’re going to design. You just can’t immediately design the site without knowing what is it about, the layout may not connect to the content or the design might be out of place.

2. Plan your project

After knowing the content, make a draft or a timeline of your site. Making a draft is important so that you would know what you’re going to do; it is not easy to immediately design your site after knowing its content. Having a timeline is also important because web designing has many tasks to do; you need to balance that different task. It includes on planning how many phases you want for your site.

3. Thinking of possible designs

Think of designs that are suitable for your website, the colors and if you want to put pictures then that picture should be connected to your site. There are lots of available colors, colors have its own codename but that doesn’t mean that you have to memorize it all. You can just search it in Google and do the copy-paste method for its codename. Think of the effects for your icon, and the different transition of every picture.

4. Build templates.

In this process, it means building css, and html. For others that are already expert on website designing, they don’t need to have css they can just combine it to its html, but for others that are new to website designing css would be a big help. Making Css means that you would separate your codes that involve designing, for you not to get confused. Verifying links, adding images and contents is also part of building templates.

5. Testing your design before launching it

In this process, this is where you would want to check if there’s an error in your design. Checking whether if the designs are out of place, whether the content is still connected to the main topic of your website, making sure that the links works, and that the icon is properly functioning.This is the last phase of web designing before launching or publishing it.

6. Launching your website

This is where you’ll publish your website. Publishing your website means letting people see it, every views means money, the more people looking into your website means having more money.