The mortgage experts are suggesting that the mortgage market will have a change in the near future. The change will be fast. One of the major factors of changing the mortgage market is the politics. Politics have strong influence over mortgage these days. There are two more reasons for the change in the mortgage market. These influences are the regulations and the interest rates. Higher the interest rate, lower will be tendency of people to get the mortgage deal as people cannot pay high interest. The lenders are now not willing to pay loan to the borrowers as they think they are in risk. The non-availability of loans is also affecting the present structure of mortgage market. The banks are always ready to pay the loans as they are getting higher interest rates. While it is difficult for private lenders to release big loans as they get smaller interest rates. The interest rates are of greater concern. The recent change of half year in the mortgage market is higher than the 30 years market rate. The average market rate of mortgage has risen up to 8.5 percent over the last 45 years. But now it is expected that the rates will rise to its double rates in next few years. One of the reasons is inflation as well.

The higher rates of the mortgage will results in increasing the rates of the homes. The policies of the politicians of a country affect the mortgage rates to greater extent. If the policies are imposing high taxes, the mortgage will set to rise as well. One of the other points that the lenders are considering is the bank-friendly controlling environment. These conditions have made the investors to think of whether the borrowers can pay back loan with interest or not. The perilous mortgages comprising of the balloon payments along with verification of borrower’s assets is becoming harder to get. The result of the looser loaning environment will be confliction in progresses for mortgage. The new regulations for the mortgage have made the investors more aware of the risk averse. Over the years, the banks have only released mortgages to the borrowers having extremely good credit history. If the banks release a loan to person with lower credit history, that must be with greater interest rates. The legal risks are also changing the shape of mortgage market. The banks and private investors have faced paying billions of money in settling the fines being imposed by authorities.

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