Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island: A Representation of History

It might be hard to believe but the now hot spot for vacations and getaways; Norfolk Island was once a nest for convicts and hardened criminals exiled there. In the 19th century, the now external territory of Australia was tagged “convict colony”. But now, what remains of the penitentiary that was once there has gained a UNESCO World Heritage status. Regardless of whether you researched that or were aware of it before your vacation, this has come to be a tourist attraction as what remains of the settlement consists of a cemetery, jail, lumber yard and salt house. If this actually factored into your decision of conducting a family vacation, then the next thing to do would be getting Norfolk Island accommodation packages.


For a family interested in the historical arts and preservation, the history of the island could be a fascinating story which can lure them into spending a vacation or two there just to research it. The Norfolk Island accommodation would most likely be one that is close to the preserved architecture for ease of access will be needed. A simple search on the Internet on Norfolk Island accommodation close to the ruins could turn up a bunch of result.


The results gotten from the search would most likely include accommodation in hotels like Castaway Norfolk Island and Heritage Hill. The island boasts of several prehistory buildings that would satisfy any history nerd. From ruins of prehistoric sites, to windmills, 4 museums and an old water mill, the island makes an effort to maintain these buildings as the source of income gotten from tourism is the mainstay of life there.


The island authorities do not allow for development within the precinct so therefore, there are no cafes, restaurants or shops in site aside from what can be found in the premises of the Royal Engineers Office visitor center. When budgeting for a trip there, then you should probably be aware that the museum pass costs $25 which is good value for the unlimited access tourists are allowed to the 4 museums in the area.


The island has a relaxed outlook and the paving of activities there is laid back. When taking a stroll through the island, do not be surprised to find cows wandering along the roads with you. Even the solitary airport on the island gives rite of passage to cows before take-off is allowed for any planes.