Factors to Consider When Choosing Outrigger Pads

Physically, if one were to see an outrigger pad, they would merely think it as a thick, medium size board but there’s more to it than that. Science has its way of utilizing things. Outrigger pads are very useful in construction and other aspects. Many people have seen it but don’t know what it’s called and its function. They are use as stabilizing material for crane hire, gas and oil. They are also used by telecommunications, concrete pump and many more. The pad is simple to look at and very lightweight.

When choosing the right outrigger pads, one needs to consider a lot of things. Here are some factors to consider on how to choose the right pad for the application.

The first factor is the ground condition. Knowing the condition of the area to use the outrigger pad is necessary. You would need to consider if it’s a sand, asphalt, soil or gravel. The foundation should be able to withstand the weight of equipment. The pad is just support, so a good base is necessary as well. If by any chance the base has a poor condition, then you would need to improvise it with appropriate measures.  Another factor to consider is the maximum weight of equipment. Choose an outrigger pad that can is durable and does not easily break in half. Try to scout or research companies that manufacture pads and ask them the maximum weight of their outrigger pads that it can withstand.

The size of the outrigger foot is also a factor to regard as important. These pads comes in different sizes, some comes in 400x400x40 or 500x500x50. If the outrigger foot is bigger than the pad then there might be some problem with the setup later on. Outrigger pads are lightweight no matter what the size is. It can be hand carry so the size is not a problem. Another thing with the outrigger foot is that it should be applied in the centre for the weight to be distributed equally and the equipment is balance.

Outrigger pads should be debris free, smooth, clean and solid. You don’t want the equipment to wobble when you are starting doing your job. Depressions or fault are a no no when applying an outrigger pad. It should be a solid ground that the pad can be cleanly applied. Failure to comply with this can result to injury or death and damage to property and equipment.

The last thing to consider is the manufacturing company. Choose an outrigger pad brand that you can trust. Choose something that is not costly but at the same time the most appropriate to choose. There are many types of outrigger pads. Ask the person in charge for some ideas that may help you to choose which one is better.

This may be a small thing but if not done right it can lead to a bigger problem. No one wants accidents and damage or any casualties, so choose the best outrigger pad for the application.