Love to Paint Buildings? A Painting Job Might Be For You

As houses and buildings evolved over time, it was discovered that in order to beautify them, painters could create art in them. A great example of this is the work of Michelangelo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. It was amazing and still is. However, we can’t all be Michelangelo or the Sistine Chapel for that matter but we would still like our houses or buildings to look great. That’s where the professional house painter comes in and, with a few or more than a few brush strokes, transforms your home not into the Sistine Chapel of course, but at least it comes close. Painting a house also beautifies the environment and ensures that no house looks completely odd right next to other houses. As the painter follows his job description to the letter, he makes each house or building he touches come alive.

Are you interested in being a house painter? Or do you want to hire one? This article is about the painter job description to help you better serve people or if you are not interested in being a house painter, this article at least gives you an idea of what to expect when hiring a painter.

Job duties for professional painters include removal of old paint, selecting and mixing colours, painting, cleaning up job sites, etc. The painter must also be able to handle his finances, ensure that the client is satisfied with his work and, in some cases, manage employees. To become a professional painter, all you need is a high school diploma and then you can learn the trade through on-the-job apprenticeship.

As for the painter job description, the professional house painter performs some, if not all, of the following duties which he can then use in the experience section of his or her Curriculum Vitae:

  • Removes previous paint on the walls of the building by scraping, sanding and various other methods.
  • Examining and maintaining painted exterior and interior surfaces, trimming and fixtures.
  • Application of paint, vinyl and wallpaper including special papers and fabrics to walls, furniture and structures.
  • Inspecting and refurbishing wall surfaces.
  • Application of wood finishing by suitably preparing the surface.
  • Operation and maintenance of high pressure low volume spray machines.
  • Reading the blueprints and drawings of the building for better execution of the painting job.
  • Ordering paint supplies and materials.
  • Providing assistance to semi-skilled or unskilled workers.
  • Following established protection procedures.
  • Submitting finished work orders to supervisor or to the client.
  • Cleaning up job site after work and maintaining a clean work environment.

The career choice of house painting can be a very rewarding experience. With a great many different surfaces, buildings and clients, things will never get boring. With this job description for painter, now you know exactly what being a house painter entails and this can help you better make your career choice to be a professional house painter Perth.