Premium Approaches to Carpet Cleaning By Companies

When carpets are cleaned and dirt and allergens are removed, not only do they look visually pleasing, they also contribute to a healthy atmosphere. There are many approaches to carpet cleaning and it is essential to have a comprehension of these methods. This helps in determining which company will clean a carpet better. Below are some of the popular methods that professional cleaners use.

Hot Water Extraction

This approach is also known as steam carpet cleaning and uses high pressured heated water to put pressure on the carpet and so that the dirt within it can dissolve. Cleaning agents are applied on the rug and professional equipment is used to thoroughly rinse it. Once cleaned the rug is dried out in room temperatures.

Carpet Shampooing Approach

This is another approach that was generally favored until the encapsulation technology was brought into the picture. The shampooing approach is very ideal for the cleaning of carpets that are heavily soiled. The approach is however limited in that wet foam remnants in the carpet will take too long to dry and will turn into gluey substance once dried because rinsing is not carried out once the carpet dries. Another disadvantage is that the carpet can easily become soiled again.

Encapsulation Cleaning Approach

This approach uses synthetic detergents that granulate into powder form after drying. Once the dirt particles have become loose and the carpet is dried, it is then vacuumed completely. This method is preferable to the shampooing approach which uses water during carpet cleaning. This is especially because this approach has a shorter drying period and uses cleaning agents that are is environmentally friendly. The one disadvantage with this approach is that it is unable to completely clean carpets that are heavily soiled.

Bonnet Cleaning Approach

This approach is great because it has good surface cleaning results. The approach generally cleans the top parts of the carpet using a motorized machine that has a chemical cleaning agent that ingests dirt from the surface of the carpet. Hotels prefer this approach because it is a good option for cleaning carpets in an area with heavy traffic. Because the carpet dries very fast, it is convenient in situations where there is a need for fast carpet cleaning to avoid disrupting guests.

Dry Cleaning Approach

This is one of the most recent approaches to the cleaning of carpets. Specially designed machines are used that use mechanized chemicals that do not allow moisture or uses very low moisture cleaning. This produces carpets that are very clean because all the dirt agents are eliminated.

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