Reiki As Your Energy Healing Modality

What is Reiki?

Reiki is one of the many types of energy healing modalities, it was actually reintroduced by a Buddhist monk from Japan by the name of Dr. Mikao Usui.

Reiki is a Japanese name derived from Rei which means Higher Power and Ki which means Life force Energy.

It could be done through touch or non touch, whatever the process maybe, the effectiveness of one of Energy Healing Modalities which is Reiki, is more on the dedication and pure intention of the practitioner to heal and the belief of the patient to get healed through this method.

How to be a Reiki Practitioner?

Not all could perform the job as a Reiki practitioner especially that it requires not just knowledge how to practice the craft of this one of Energy Healing Modalities but as well as heart to give healing to those who are in need. A Practitioner needs to understand that healing as such should be with the purest intentions. No medical or scientific treatment to use with one of the Energy Healing Modalities which is Reiki. Healing will be dependent on how the practitioner could handle the responsibility of treating people with all their heart and belief.

Practitioners will undergo training before they could perform tasks as such. There is no easy way of learning the art of Reiki healing than using your heart, mind and should to help people who are in need of treatment.

Principle of Reiki

Reiki has its perception to ensure that healing will be given completely to those who are in need. Dr. Usui, has realized that the people that he was giving treatment are almost the same people he treated. He then realized that people he was treating do not take the healing from within. The healing should be coming from the power and energy that patients possess to make themselves get better.

One of the types of Energy Healing Modalities is Reiki thus it is necessary that you follow important pointers to make the healing effective.

These 5 principles are highly advisable for patients using one of the Energy Healing Modalities available, which is Reiki, to bring home with them and everyday to remind themselves:

• I will not worry – you surely need to take all worries off yourself
• I will let go of anger – something you need to realize and release out of yourself. Anger will never bring you anywhere.
• I will do my work honestly – definitely you have to be honest in all aspects of your life
• I will give thanks for many blessings – important thing you need to remind yourself over and over.
• I will be kind to all living things – This is what you need to think of to make you feel good about your surrounding.