Reuse Your Old Blinds

These days, blinds are now one of the trendy home elements when it comes to modern living and space accessibility. Almost all home owners or company proprietors desire to invest in them and more are actually already investing. The popularity gained by the blinds can be due to its idealistic effect when installed in a property. Blinds are basically sturdy and durable which could last longer than you expected, especially if they are well maintained and cleaned.

If ever you decide to purchase new window treatments in order to redecorate your house or property, then you do not actually need to let go or abandon your old blinds because there are actually some ways on how you could still utilize them.


You could actually utilize your old blinds and turn them into room dividers. This is basically an excellent idea particularly for students, individuals who share the same room with others due to financial instabilities, and for those siblings who practically share similar room. Through using your old vertical blinds into a room divider, you could definitely conserve money and be able to acquire the privacy you desire. Even if it does not truly provide excellent privacy, still it could offer you a better one than nothing. Again, it could make you save money because you do not have to actually hire contractors to create a concrete divider and even spare you from installing new doors. With blinds as your room divider, you have the freedom to have them opened during day time, particularly if you have guests in your place. And you could as well close them any time you desire if ever you need some privacy. You could practically utilize your creativity in making old blinds as room dividers.

Furthermore, some individuals do not basically require storage screens. Some people acquire book cases, cup-boards, and any other compartments that they usually store and do not like to throw them away. There is actually a good news because you no longer have to get rid of your storages, especially if you have enough space. But, it will be much appreciated when you put something to hide them or to cover them. Here is where you could utilize your old blinds again. You could simply put your old blinds to your storage area and make it as a cover or storage screen. In addition, you could as well customize or add up some designs or colors to your old blinds to make it look more delightful rather than dull and plain.

In some cases, especially to people who just rent a house for some time, they might notice that some doors, particularly restroom doors are missing in their new apartments. If ever you have missing doors in your rented apartment or even in your own home, you could actually make use of your old blinds to make it a substitute to the missing doors. You also add up some accessories such as hanging beads in order to make it appear nicer. Through this you could save money from installing new doors.