Senior Dating Etiquette

Senior Dating Etiquette Tips

If you are looking for senior dating, you may have been single for a long time. You are not alone, many seniors that are a part of the senior dating screen have been single for a long time also. Hooking up over 40’s with their perfect partners around Australia and trying senior dating after a divorce or the loss of your spouse, you may be wondering what the current dating rules of etiquette that you need to know.

Men Should Pay for the First Date

One of the rules that have stuck around and continues to be a part of senior dating is that men should pay for the first date. At the same time, many men that have more to live on than just Social Security are wary of becoming a meal ticket. When picking a drink and your meal go with a modest choice.

You should also bring at least $20 without just in case you need to pay for your own meal or pitch in. Who says you can’t pay the tip?

Be on Your Best Behaviour

Gentlemen, if you want to stay on within budget, keep the venue of your date in mind. Make sure that you pick a place that you can afford, and think about free events that you can take your date to after dinner.

If you are planning on not spending that much on a date, make sure that you are doing all the extra gentlemanly things that cost nothing, and make her feel that like a queen. Open the car and restaurant doors for her. If you have flowers in your garden, why not cut one and give it to your date?

Take Your Time

Many senior couples are meeting through online date, so this means you should meet in a well-lighted and public place. After you have met, many women will be expecting gentlemanly behaviour. This means that the men should drive, especially if you are picking her up. After you have become a couple, and have dated for three months, you can ask her to meet you at the date location.

The reason is that courting behaviours, like being a gentleman, help create and foster the feelings of attraction. In many cases, it is not about the money you have, but how you treat a lady. Most women will not fault you for trying to be a gentleman for the first few dates. Many younger people have not been taught the fine art of how to treat a lady and is a common reason that relationships fail at any age.