Skip Bins

Setting Expectations For Your Skip Bins

Before hiring skip bins, you need to know your exact requirements to avoid getting penalised. Also, if you are a restaurant owner or general contractor and you think you will be needing skip bins more often, consider buying a set for your venture than spending money on rental fees.

We listed here some of the factors to consider to set your expectations when renting these containers. First of all, you need to know that you might get penalised for varied reasons. Here are some of the reasons:

Late Return of Containers

The waste management company will set a timeline for you, which includes the times and days of pickups. Additional fees will be charged if you fail to follow the schedule. If you think you will be needing more time to consolidate your rubbish, tell the company beforehand to avoid delays and unnecessary fees.

Damaged Bins

It goes without saying that you should return the container in its original condition. If, by accident, you broke or damaged the bins, the company will charge you the price of a replacement.


This is the reason why you should know your exact requirements before renting skip bins. These containers come in varied sizes and each one can only accommodate a specific weight or volume of garbage. Don’t overload unless you’re willing to pay additional fees.

Prohibited Waste

Waste management companies have their own lists of qualified wastes and garbage. Some don’t accept hazardous and toxic waste and some do not accept medical waste. When you contact them, make sure to identify the types of rubbish you’re about to dispose and see if they’re fine with that. Otherwise, you’ll need to pay extra fees.

Once you’re ready to hire skip bins, contact your trusted waste management company to get a quote or estimate. Better seek assistance from their staff about how you can properly dispose of your rubbish and what containers to rent to avoid getting penalised.