Some Essential Information About Hosta

If you are looking for plants that can be planted any time especially during growing season, Hosta can be your best bet. So long as it is adequately supplied with water, you will surely have nothing to worry about. Hostas have many uses and one of which is for background planting. Since it has plenty of varieties it is ideal for decoration purposes. It can also be used for ground cover planting because it can grow fast. If you have a shady garden, you can use hostas to brighten up the space. Hostas’ four main colors include green, blue, yellow and white.


When planting hostas, you need to see to it that the soil is well drained and loose. Make sure 12 to 18 inch compost is amended and you will need to base the process for soil preparation on the guide which is usually supplied by the plant manufacturer. Make sure you place the plant in the hole where it is leveled to the ground. The roots are also important and there should be enough soil and water around them. The plants must be placed in an area with shade and adequate water must be observed since the tree roots have the tendency to compete for moisture.

You might be wondering whether or not the plant should be placed on direct sunlight and the answer is no. It is important that plants are protected against afternoon sun but you must also keep in mind that it also needs some sun every once in a while. Although it can tolerate sunnier conditions, exposure to full afternoon sun must be avoided by all means. There are hostas that are deemed sun tolerant provided it is watered more frequently.

Professional growers may require you to apply fertilizer but this may not be necessary especially for beginners. If you prefer to use fertilizer for your hostas, make sure you do not forget watering the plants adequately as fertilizers can be very demanding. Unlike other plants, you will not worry about pests if you decide to plant hostas. However, you must take note that this type of plant can attract slugs so you need to find out how you can deal with them before they leave some pesky holes to your plants.

When you plant Hosta, it is necessary that you observe the proper way of planting it. You should also take extra care of your plants during winter season and protect it against predators that may ruin your garden such as dogs, birds and cats.