Steam Versus Dry Carpet Cleaning

The accumulation of grime and debris is enough reason for you take carpet cleaning very seriously. From the many methods available, which is the best to choose? Now, we look at two of the most popular ones, namely steam cleaning and dry cleaning, and see which fares better.

First, let’s debunk the myth that steam cleaning is free of chemicals. No, it is not. Although it is true that hot water is being used by both residential and commercial machines, the steam alone can not remove gunk.

What actually happens is that detergent is sprayed onto the carpet by the machine. Next sprayed is water to activate the detergent. Finally, a wet vacuum sucks up most of the excess water on the carpet.

But, is it possible for carpet cleaning to be totally chemical free? Yes, it is possible. There are many household solutions and safe cleaners available that are free of chemicals. These can thoroughly remove dirt without causing harm.

Well, that has evened the ground in the battle between dry and steam carpet cleaning. Let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of each method and discern the most suitable one for cleaning carpets.

The only requirements for steam cleaning are the machine, detergent and hot water. Easy to assemble, right? But, if you use the steam method, it will take roughly half a day or even a whole day before you can place your carpet back in the living room. If you really want steam cleaning that dries faster, opt for professional services. While the cost may be higher, the carpet will dry faster.

It is also important to keep in mind the chances of fiber shrinking when steam is used. Once the excess water from the steam has dried, it is likely that the fibers will shrink. Exception are carpets made of natural fibers.

With the use of steam cleaning, the appearance of ground in stains is probable. You can use commercial cleaning solutions to rid of these ground in stains, usually caused by chemicals or pet accidents. Take note however, some stains will need not just one, but multiple carpet cleaning before they are totally removed.

In terms of drying time, dry cleaning gains the upper hand. The carpet is almost immediately ready to be walked on again. It requires almost no drying time because virtually no water is used. (Note: A small amount of moisture is actually used.) But, even without the water, it is an effective way of completely cleaning the carpet just with the use of chemical agents. The dry cleaning solvents and chemical compounds attract dirt and soil.

There may be harsh chemicals in the solutions used in dry cleaning. Do take note of this. It is precisely for this reason that many commercial cleaning companies warn home users about scrutinizing the cleaning products they purchase. If strong odors are emitted by the cleaner, better ditch it and use a safer, non toxic one. Check out carpet cleaner Brisbane for more details on the proper care of your carpet.