Blocked Drains

The Best Way To Prevent Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are probably the most common plumbing issues that most homeowners faced not only on the sinks actually but also in the bathrooms. Though these concerns look simple and may seem simple to tackle as well, still there are times when the reasons are deeper than what we thought. When these things will occur to your home over and over again, then maybe there is an underlying reason and maybe you already need to call a licensed plumber. After the licensed plumber is done with your blocked drains, you can now start doing some preventive measures so that it will not happen again. As preventions is the best cure, that adage also applies to this situation. You have to be careful when cleaning your sinks as you might have poured all the leftover food in the drain. That will surely generate clogging.

So that you will not experience these irritating blocked drains again, here are some preventive tips:

– Instead of pouring to the sink your cooking grease that cannot be used anymore, put them in a can or maybe in a cardboard milk and throw them in a trash can. Pouring them in the sink will surely cause trouble in time.

– Coffee grounds should be thrown into the sinks as well and instead throw them directly to the garbage can.

– Always place the drain cove in its right position so that falling hairs cannot directly be drowned into the bathroom sinks.


– If possible, you can pour hot water into the sink after every use as it can help in hashing down grimes and grease into the drain so that they will not cause any blockage.

– A baking soda followed by hot water will also do the trick. Besides, baking sodas are great cleaning agent thus it will surely leave your sinks smelling clean and fresh.

– You can also use a cup of vinegar and let it set for about thirty minutes in which after that, you can pour hot water. Since vinegar contains acetic acid, it can surely eliminate build up grimes and other elements inside the drain that can cause blockage in time.

So, these are the things that you can do to prevent build up inside your drains. But there is still one way to effectively and surely do this, by hiring a licensed plumber to regularly check on your plumbing fixtures. That way, you can be sure that everything is will be in order and you will not be burdened by sudden plumbing problems.

There are already many licensed plumbers of blocked drains that you can hire thus all you need to do is check them out. Yes, you need to really check each of your prospects out especially that they will be working inside your home. There are even times that you might need their services at the most complicated hours, thus you must choose a trustworthy plumber as well. Try checking for online reviews as most of the time, these are unbiased.

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