The Different Types Of Termites

Everyone for sure already heard about termites. If not from experience, then maybe you heard about them from neighbors or from the news. Yes, termites are already popular for being the most destructive among the home pests that can possibly invade one’s household. As a matter of fact, they are quite dreaded that every homeowner will really invest money just to make sure that they will not see a single termite in their home. After all, termites never go out alone like they are always in a swarm thus they are called swarmers. Once they get into your home, you can trust that they will start devouring it right away like every second of the day. Yes, that is one of the characteristics of termites, they don’t stop eating until their death. They don’t get full no matter how much they eat as there is something in their bodies that will also take care of every particle the push into their stomachs.

If you want to completely get rid of the termites in your home or if you want to make sure that they never end up in your home, then you have to learn about them first. As they say, you will only know how to fight against something if you know their weakness.

Here some facts or pointers about the different types of termites:

– First type is the dampwood termites. They are the kind of termites that will really prefer moist mood thus you will usually see them in homes where there is plumbing problem like the water is leaking and so on. They are usually bigger than all the other types of termites. They don’t have workers thus they call their younger termites, “false workers” because they are the ones who do all the work. These types of termites don’t really bother buildings as the moisture is not enough to sustain them. They also do not carry germs with them.

– Then there are also the drywood termites. Just like the dampwood termites, they also don’t have workers and the young termites also do all the work. Most of the time, they feed themselves with plastics and fabrics that are made from plants. Just as their name suggests, they do not need moisture to live and in fact, they prefer dry woods.

– Then the Formosan termites are also another type of termites that are known to be the most destructive. They are classified as workers, soldiers and then the reproductives. They feed themselves with plastic and wood made from plants. They can endlessly eat woods thus they can incur substantial damage to any property.

Subterranean termites have the most members like their colony can have 2 million members. Just like the Formosan termites, they are also classified in three groups which are the soldiers, workers and the reproductives. They need to be in contact with the soil to go on living.

There are still some types of termites that are not listed here. The bottom line is, most of them are really destructive thus you should hire a termites control company to deal with them.