The Do’s And Don’ts Of Tree Mulching

You know for sure that mulching can give your plant and trees huge benefits. If you want your gardens or backyards get the best growth trees and plants, then mulching is something that you should consider. Although, mulching is not something that you can do and perform anyway you want, meaning, the process may come a bit sensitive, thus accuracy is important.

You would not want to end up getting the downside of mulching than their benefits, thus below are few of the do’s and the don’ts you can do, if you are considering mulching.

The do’s of mulching

Do take care of your plants regularly

Even if you are doing mulching, it is still necessary that you do the usual ways of taking care of trees and plants, like cutting of branches, removing of rot leaves and stems etc. Yes, tree mulching in Northern NSW can ensure better health for your plants and trees but still. It is your responsibility to still take care of your plants and trees and not leave everything to mulching. Putting mulch on layer of the soil is not enough to give the best health for plants and trees.


Do ask for help from experts

You might have read tutorials either on textbooks or the Internet, yet, you still need to get advice from professionals. Getting help and assistance from them can give you better idea on how things can be performed right.

Do check on the label of the mulch you will use

Make sure that before applying wood chip mulch, you have read the label and as well as the table of contents attached to it. Know the pH level of the mulch and make sure that the level is right to give you exactly what your plant and tree needs.

The don’ts of mulching

Do not apply mulch without checking the condition of the land

Mulch should give enough moisture to plants and trees from them to grow healthy, but if the soil is too moist, mulch may not be required, as too much moisture may lead the roots to get stressed and end up rotted and worst, plant’s or tree’s death.

Do not do the process unless you are confident to perform it yourself

If you think that mulching is a too tedious process for you to perform, better forget about doing it yourself, instead contacting someone to do it for you is a must. Do not take the risk of doing the process if you are not confident on your knowledge about mulching.