The Importance of Line Markers in Public Parking Lots

A properly designed parking lot is more efficient, pleasant, and orderly than one that does not follow the principles of a good parking lot design. When creating a good parking lot design, stall widths should be the utmost priority. Users will have different vehicle types and sizes so the aisle should meet or even exceed the minimum space requirements. A parking space that provides easy access to handicapped users should also be present. The use of line markers should indicate the maximum space allowed for each vehicle.

The dimensions of parking stalls differ according to the facility’s management. However, the standard requirement for parking stalls is 9 ft wide and 18 ft long. There are establishments that may provide compact car parks which are usually 8 ft wide and 16 ft long. The width of parking stalls provided for handicapped users must follow the current requirements of the federal government. Typically, this stall is 8 ft wide that is next to a 5 ft wide aisle. These parking stalls should be indicated by line markers. This will keep motorists from crossing over to the adjacent space.


For drive aisles, the space should be wide enough for vehicle circulation within the parking lot without sacrificing the comfort of motorists while backing out of their stalls. Two-way drive aisles should have at least a 24 ft dimension. On the other hand, a one-way isle should have at least 12 ft for enough space for angled parking.

Line markers for public parking lots are commonly white. If the line marking paint is yellow it means the area is not available for parking. Blue markings are used to indicate handicapped-accessible stalls. In some establishments, red curbs can also be seen. It is called the fire lane. Parking is prohibited in this area as it is especially designated for safety equipment in case of emergency such as fires and accidents.

It is clear that line marking Sydney are important in parking lot design. Customers and visitors will immediate be able to tell how professional you are just by the look of your parking lot. A properly marked parking lot means you put emphasis on cleanliness, order, and the well-being of the people entering your premises.

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