Women’s Uniforms

The Stages of Creating Women’s Uniforms

A company that creates women’s corporate uniforms has as a main activity the production of medical uniforms, work equipment and other textiles, specially designed and carefully crafted using high quality materials.

It provides a wide range of materials and colors and the ability to customize various elements such as logo, messages that needs to be transmitted via embroidery or images for a strong visual impact. Customizing the embroidery on the women’s uniforms is a good choice that is beneficial to identify the company in the community and to ensure a professional image of uniforms and equipment.

The company also offers consultancy and design services for the development and optimal selection of the model of the women’s uniforms according to the constitution of each person.

  • Design and creative patterns

For the design of medical uniforms or work equipment you can create your own design and create further patterns. The patterns are built for any type of product, regardless of conformation, height or range of measures. Patterns are made for further tailoring of medical uniforms (blouse, skirt, trousers, coat) but also for other textile items that may constitute women’s uniforms (dress, skirt, jacket, shirt, etc.)

  • Execution of medical uniforms and textiles

In the execution phase of the work equipment, after establishing the model and the execution of the printing, the production team together with the client will choose the materials, colors and then will purchase the raw materials and auxiliary materials necessary for the tailoring of the uniforms. The production can be done in both large and in short series (manufacturing).

  • Customization with embroidery

Embroidery is the most stylish and durable way of customization. It provides an exclusive appearance of the product and a quality superior to other methods of customization. The result is durable and does not deteriorate after multiple washings. It is done by computerized sewing of a digital model using embroidery machines. It’s an excellent method of customization for shirts, skirts, jackets and generally for textile.

  • Production of medical uniforms

The production of medical uniforms is done with materials such as: tercot 35% cotton + 65% polyester, tercot 75% cotton + 25% polyester, 100% cotton, mercerized cotton 90% polyester + 10%. All materials are available in the full range of standard colors and different color combinations.

The model can be chosen from the own portfolio or a model can be developed according to customer specifications. Medical uniforms can be usually being made of: Trousers and blouse, skirt and blouse, short and long gowns, dresses for receptionists.