Timber Shutters for an Energy-Efficient Home

When choosing window coverings, you are given three choices- curtains, blinds, or shutters. All of these options are designed to provide privacy and protection from the too harsh rays of the sun. This window covering is  made from wood. It has louvers which can be opened and closed depending on the amount of sunlight that you desire to have.

These are widely used in Mediterranean countries. It is believed to have its origin in Greece and then neighboring countries, such as Spain and Italy, followed suit . Timber plantation shutters Sydney became popular because the amount of sunlight and air can be controlled by adjusting the louvers.

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Many home owners see the aesthetic value of using them as compared to curtains or blinds. The look of the home gets more dramatic and elegant.

Advantages of timber shutters

  • The major advantage of using timber shutting is for temperature control. The amount of light can be controlled by closing the louvers so the rooms are kept cool. Thus, the use of air conditioners and fans are reduced. If you want more air flow, the louvers are opened to provide fresh air.
  • They are good insulators during the winter month. The wood that is used for making timbers provide heat and when the louvers are kept closed, cold air and draft are prevented from entering the room , which is not the case with curtains and blinds.
  • Timber shutters can be adjusted better as compared to curtains and blinds. Air can be allowed to enter the room with limited amount of sunlight because the louvers can be adjusted.
  • They are pretty easy to clean and maintain. Unlike curtains which need to be removed and washed, the timber shutters only require wiping with cloth and these would look clean again.
  • If your homes have shutters, the resale value of the property gets higher. This is because the shutters are already part of the home. These add to the cost of the entire property.