Web Design Portfolio

Tips for a Successful Web Design Portfolio

If you have thought about getting involved with freelance web design or if you are looking for your next design job then a portfolio of your work is exactly what you need. Every business or individual that is searching for their site to be managed, created or reconstructed will be looking to this as a type of resume. There are many web platforms that already have a great outline laid out for you so find the one that suits your style and work experience.

When you are creating your web design portfolio you will want to highlight the work that you are not only most proud of but also that relates to your interests. This is the same theory as dress for the job you want, not the one you already have. Focussing on a specific market niche will definitely be most beneficial. The most recent works are also key so you will be always updating your portfolio as your search continues.

Most people in the web design industry have a mixture of experience. If someone is sifting through your work they do not want to see everything that you have ever done. In the web design industry perception is the true reality so if you say that you do good logo work and you can present some evidence to back that claim up they will believe you. Create a strong compilation of your best work. Nobody looking for a designer wants to go through tons of portfolios and then stop to go through all of your work that may not be showcasing your talent. A small selection of high quality pieces will stand out and make a name for you.

Every piece that you choose for your portfolio should tell a story. Your words and images should correspond with the business you have created the site for.  Web design is a way to communicate your style and clients want to see that you say something for them when you work for them. Beyond the visuals a potential client may want to know the struggle and effort that went into the project. Highlight the needs of each client and what issues that you helped them to resolve. Show them how you play the role of problem solver.

Don’t overthink your web design portfolio. Time is a business owner’s most precious resource so don’t over complicate your portfolio and make it frustrating to navigate. Remember, to, always keep updating the content. As you do new quality jobs add them and replace the oldest or the least like your style now.