Carpet Cleaning

Tips for an Effective Carpet Cleaning

Carpets make our home warmer and more attractive. Although, we cannot avoid the dirt and stain it can acquire once it has been used for a long time. Or maybe just right after your kid spilled his juice on it. Carpet cleaning is the solution to this. This process is mandatory to maintain sanitary cleanliness all throughout your home or office.

There are many ways to clean and sustain a dust-free carpet. The most common is using a vacuum cleaner. It can suck up dust and other unwanted particles that can’t be taken off when using a normal broom. Carpet manufacturers also found a much better solution to clean your carpets without losing its fine texture and color. These are hot water extraction carpet cleaning, steam cleaning, dry cleaning and other household procedures.


Steam cleaning requires hot water cleaning extraction method, this is when you spray heated water. Sometimes, adding cleaning chemicals is more efficient while simultaneously vacuuming along the sprayed area of your carpet. Experts recommend this because this is the most effective of all ways. Variety of hot water extraction in carpet cleaning can be less expensive. But the costly ones include rotating high pressure spray and extraction disc. For places that usually do not have electricity, there is a process called truck mounted cleaning. However this can create loud noises which can disturb your neighbors. It is also a bit inconvenient since a large hose will be brought in you r house which is connected to the truck that will provide steamed water. Nevertheless, this can be helpful as well.

In high pressure hot water extraction, detergent based solutions are used for effective dissolution of organic material. The mentioned wet cleaning system naturally requires drying time which also fears some customers about very slow drying. More risk of discoloration and exposure to bacteria.

Another process is called dry carpet cleaning system which rely on specialized machines. These are dependent to dry compounds which results to faster and lesser labor. This process includes spreading absorbent cleaning compound evenly over the carpet with matching brushing or scrubbing it. After a while, the cleaning solution must evaporate, thus, requiring you to use a vacuum cleaner. The drier, the better since it is cleaner. It is dangerous when these residues are not removed because it can cause allergies. For more effective brushing, machine scrubbing is typically used.

On the other hand, Bonnet cleaning includes club soda mixed with a cleaning product and scrubbing the mixture with rotating motion. Normally, this process may not be capable of sanitizing your carpet. While shampoo cleaning, as the name implies, makes use of normal shampoo due to its sticky formula which often reveals dirt. No rinse needed. The residue can continue to collect dirt after cleaning. Best to vacuum for finishing touches.

Do not jeopardize your family’s health just because of an uncleansed carpet. These tips are so convenient that you will not be needing an expert carpet cleaning service in Adelaide to do it for you. These will help you save plus you can ensure that your carpet is clean enough to lie on.