Trucks used for excavation projects

In the world of engineering, there are many applications of excavation which ranges from the construction of public works and highways and extending to much more complex projects such as the creation of different mines to oil or gas wells. Heavy equipment that ranges from trucks to machineries are highly needed in order to make an excavation project a success as the act of excavating is needed to clear an amount of earth or perhaps aid in bringing a certain material to the surface and to help with an excavation are trucks. Here are three commonly used trucks in this major project and what their purposes are.

Dump trucks

A dump truck is an important face in an excavation project as it is solely responsible for the loading and transportation of the earth that has been excavated from an area. Dump trucks are known for the mechanism on top of their bodies that can be flipped in order to unload the material that has been placed on its back. There is also a catch on the box of the dump truck that can be locked and unlocked in order to let the loaded material slide easily when being unloaded from the truck.



Bulldozers are trucks used in excavations which basically serve the purpose of pushing materials such as the excavated soil to one side. Bulldozers are built with large, wide metal plates in front of them known as blades and can be lifted up or down. An excavation project that makes use of bulldozers usually belongs to those who are in the mining industry or working on a public works project and others that may need for clearing an area is required. Bulldozers also come with a ripper located at the back of the said vehicle which resembles a rake used for ripping rocks.


Another important truck used in excavation projects is a tractor. While tractors are usually seen in farms for the very purpose of tilling the soil, it can also be used in construction sites where it is highly used in assisting workers in transferring heavy machineries and equipment in the form of trailers. There are several types of tractors and the ones used in farms are completely separate from the ones used in construction sites. Some known tractor types are in the form of engineering tractors, farm tractors, backhoe loaders and garden tractors.

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