Ultimate Guide To Tree Pruning

• Does your tree need to be pruned? Trees may need to be pruned due to many different causes. First is to improve the general health of the tree. Tree pruning may allow the tree to grow by providing enough space for respiration. Moreover, by pruning you are able to remove the diseased parts of the tree which if left alone may contribute to the death of the whole tree. Another reason is for aesthetic and functional purposes. The help of tree pruning Adelaide may reduce the height of trees and therefore prevent them from destructing other things. Moreover, by pruning, you can alter the general shape of the foliage making the tree more pleasing to look at.

• Do you need to call a professional? Sometimes you can prune your trees by yourself. However, during the times when the trees have over grown and the branches are too thick and large, specialized tree cutting machines may be necessary and thus it is best to ask the help of professional tree pruners to avoid untoward happenings.

• How to prune trees effectively? If you decide to perform the tree pruning by yourself here is one principle should always keep in mind. You should always protect the stem and the trunk when tree pruning. To do this, make sure to do all the cutting beyond the nodes and on the side of the stem collar. Leave a short stub when removing branches.

• Is there a right time to do tree pruning? Yes. It is recommended that your remove unwanted foliage during the fall or winter when plants are dormant. This is because it is easier to see dead parts during this time and can help you predict more the look of your plant due to more visible branches. More importantly, being dormant, the plants do not produce as much sap as during the summer or spring, therefore it minimizes unwanted sap and energy loss. Pruning during these months also protects your plants from parasites because most fungi and insects also are dormant during the colder months.

• Is there a limit to how much foliage you can remove? Yes. Pruning although can improve the health of the tree can be very stressful to the plant. It is therefore recommended that you prune as little as possible. Some guides would say that you are allowed to remove only one fourth of the crown and to make sure that the remaining parts measure at least 2/3 of the original plant. This is to make sure that you do not permanently cause damage to your tree.