Video Production Applications

Video Production Applications

You can break down the types of video production into broad categories. Once you have an idea of the categories you can then see how we can apply the video production process to each one of these types.

Corporate video productions are one of the biggest benefits to business. The use of this type of video has increased dramatically over the years. Videos like, webinars, event videos and presentation videos are key elements in any business. These types are key to having a successful enterprise.

Another type of video production is marketing video. Never before in history has there been such an emphasis in sales and marketing videos. They are successful in educating customers on products and boosting sales. Some examples of this that you have probably encountered are promotional videos, giveaways, sizzle reels, advertising and real estate videos, etc.

Information videos give the viewer specific information. The who, when, what, why, where and/or how-to on a specific subject are the types of video in this type of production. They are wonderful tools for training and education. They give the viewer the concept of what something is and how it is done. The viewer can become proficient in some aspect of the subject in minutes. Video production in this category includes such videos as training, tips series, educational videos and animated explainer videos.

The type of video production that we all know and love is entertainment. Your first thought might be movies and television shows and though that is quite right it is a limited scope. Wedding, travel, ceremonial, legacy and music videos all fall under this category as well.

Lastly are news videos. Video production used for news and information is one of the oldest uses. It can bring information and events straight to the viewer in a more powerful way than any other type of communication source. News and information videos bring you the news events as if you were right there. No need to imagine what might be going on because you can see it and hear it for yourself. There are more now than ever of video production professionals and amateurs in the field of news. Now that everyone has a smart phone the power to record news events on the spot and in the moment anybody can be a video producer in this field and transmit the videos quickly for millions to see. Visit!

These are the broad categories of types of video productions. It is a vast field with new uses and variations on older uses being seen almost daily. Find your niche and dig deeper to make your masterpiece.