Wall Retainers

Wall Retainers

Nature is one of the most beautiful things Earth has in store for us. And as such, we would want to keep it around. It is up to us to preserve nature as best as we can, because not only does our life depend on it, it is also one breathtaking thing that needs to be taken care of. There are several ways that have been done regarding preserving nature, some of which include replacing materials used in the things we use and throw away with materials that create less pollution. Another way that has been done is the creation of laws that protect the environment against over-harvesting, illegal harvesting, and pollution-inducing activities.


But these did not stop people that have barely any concern for the environment from making money, there are still people that disobey these laws and only focus on how much money they make. The bigger problem though, is that we humans need even more space to build our house or building, and so it is necessary to cut down whatever obstacle is in the way from constructing the buildings we want. Nature’s space will eventually be taken by us, unfortunately. But there is a way for nature to live on, through the best way of keeping something alive that you would constantly take from, through coexisting with it. Like the stealthiest way of hiding, we have made a way for nature to be in our building and homes, all the while preserving its natural beauty. Click here.

The way for keeping nature within our man-made infrastructure is to isolate places within the building and to put plant life with in them. Examples of these are the small areas you would see on the bottom floors of malls that have flowers and plant within them. There is something that is put between the allotted area for the soil with plant life and the area of the mall. This something is called a wall retainer.

• A wall retainer is a wall surrounding or restraining soil to keep it on a slope it would not naturally keep to. It is usually made of concrete blocks, poured concrete, treated timbers, rocks or boulders. Although some of these have a shorter lifespan than others, all of them can retain soils.

• Having this allows people to contain nature in areas with our buildings, and also it helps when roads are being constructed. Wall retainers can prevent soil from “flowing”, which allows roads and even roadway overpasses to be built without worrying about a sudden landslide coming from a mountain.

• They are also used in basements, since they can resist the lateral pressure and weight of the soil; it makes them ideals for holding of soil and allowing underground rooms to be built. As much as they can be used for construction, they can be also used for creative landscaping. Areas with beautiful flowers can be centered with some sort of gazebo or a small swimming pool, not only beautifying the view, but also makes the air fresher.