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Pest exterminator has provided pest control services to Australia, the Sunshine Coast up to the North, Gold Coast, and Ipswich areas. We have been in the business for over 25 years and are dedicated to exterminating any problems associated with pests, in our treatment we use only use the natural products that are harmless and which have been tested and proven for their effectiveness.

We are conscious of your safety, of your family and that of your immediate environment. This is why we are cautious to only choose natural products that are not only user-friendly but have also been tested and proven extensively.

We provide a 12-month warranty on general pest control services. From our name, 100% satisfaction is guaranteed but in the event that there arises a problem after our service provision, we will be back and correct the mess. Please feel free to inquire more on our warranties.

Pest exterminators in Australia are required to have the Australian Health Commission License in order to offer Pest Control services. We meet this requirement because our experts have all the needed licenses to operate.

Pest exterminator only uses the latest and environmentally friendly methods to safeguard businesses and homes from all pests including cockroaches, ants, spiders, flea, rodents, silverfish, termites, and wasps. The methods include Techniques include refills, inspections, baiting and monitoring and reticulation systems guaranteeing you perfect pest control in Australia. For instance, the chemical we use is called the Termidor which is available in two formulations: The Termidor Dust and the Termidor Residual which offers a complete combination within and without your property to ensure the eradication of termites and full cover for any future termite attack.

We provide Domestic, Commercial Pest control services and Building and Construction Pest control. Our technicians who are fully qualified service the North Brisbane, sunshine coast, and Gold coast and Ipswich areas.

You can proceed to our website and you can find more on individual pests and our pest exterminator services and important prevention tips.

You can phone or email us for advice on pest control at any time. You may also be interested in our Specialty Services.

Harmless for your home and business

It’s our unreserved dedication to offering guaranteed treatments that are safe for your home and businesses. Our slogan “Treat, Protect and Manage” is of supreme importance to us. For any additional information please refer to our online resources or you can contact us.