Commercial Makeup Artist

What a Commercial Makeup Artist Does

A commercial makeup artist is a person who is concerned with the advancement of human artistic taste and beauty. He is concerned with the creation and appreciation of beauty in all its forms by ensuring that individuals achieve their desired appearance through alteration, injection, modification, addition, application or removal of certain facial or body characteristics in order to improve the general appearance or body odor of a person. A commercial makeup artist provides these services individually or collectively with others, is employed in a salon or a barber shop, or attends to individual performers or run a sole proprietorship. A commercial makeup artist receives training formally or informally depending on the professional area of choice. The artist may decide to become a beauty salon makeup artist, television or film makeup artist, glamour photography studio makeup artist, print work makeup artist, department store makeup artist, or an independent consultant. As a beautician, a commercial makeup artist would choose a line of professional growth into full-time service. Some may decide to work in companies producing hair care products, cosmetics, skin care products, perfumes and colognes, oral hygiene products, deodorants, antiperspirants, and other hygiene products. Those in the production line design, masks, wigs, beards, and prosthetics. Others may decide to work in the direct day to day service in a beauty salon or barber shop.

Beauty salons and barber shops in most cases are open throughout the week serving various kinds of customers. Barbers, hairdressers, and cosmetologists are paid a substantial amount of money daily depending on the services they offer and the number of customers they receive in a day. Barber shops and beauty salons are spread across cities, towns, and even within residential areas and their services are required daily by the majority of people. Almost everyone uses beauty or cosmetic products daily and also require the services of a barber, hair dresser, or cosmetologist at least once a week. There are those whose concerns include cuts and bruises, grazes, bald caps, and aging that require urgent attention by a makeup artist.

Besides barbers, hairdressers, and cosmetologists, there are also manicurists, pedicurists, skincare specialists, and massage therapists who practice their professions in salons and barber shops. Some are highly trained in their line of work and they do a wonderful job. Most women and nowadays even men use the services of manicurists, pedicurists to ensure that they are well groomed. A person who is well groomed exudes confidence, feels reassured of inner beauty and high self-esteem.

In Australia, a commercial makeup artist earns between AU$15.00 and AU$52.00 with an average hourly bonus of AU$ 10.00 – AU$ 61.00 with an annual bonus of AU$ 3,600. Something to note in this industry is that experience does not play a major role on the amount of money the makeup artists earn. They earn an annual salary ranging from AU$ 29,000 to 110,000 annually inclusive of a bonus. The industry is dominated by women though the number of men keeps rising as the profession continues to grow and as more men are also becoming daily consumers of makeup products.